The next chapter for Wonder Seeking Sarah

The next chapter for Wonder Seeking Sarah has arrived. My passion for travel is rivalled with my love of working in marketing. A new and exciting opportunity in my career means I am putting full time travel on hold, but it certainly does not mean the end of my content or more importantly my adventures. Read my post to find out more.

Adjusting to life after travelling

Having anticipated reverse culture shock affecting me in some way, shape or form, when I came back I wanted to share what the reality has been for me returning home after 18 months away. Adjusting to life after travelling isn’t completely straightforward, but I have found things and people that have made it a whole lot easier for me that I wanted to share in the hope it may help others going through a similar period in their life.

Why travelling solo is not a lonely place to be

Many people ask me about travelling solo and what it’s like. Do you meet people easily? Do you get lonely? So I thought I would share my answers to these questions and tell you a bit about the awesome friendships I’ve gained from solo travel.